Artist Statement

In my art, I embark on a daring journey through the realms of memory, unraveling its intricate web with a contemporary twist. Memories, you see, are not static entities; they evolve, morph, and acquire a unique essence that lingers within. Like a delicate dance, I find myself entangled in the embrace of a singular memory, exploring its mosaic of nostalgia, joy, and tension.

These memories, once ethereal and intangible, demand a physical form, a tangible image that can transcend time and connect with others. Through the ancient techniques of etching and chine collé, I breathe life into these moments, transforming them into a language that resonates with viewers. It is a language that evokes the shared experience of nostalgia and memory, stirring emotions that bridge generations.

In an era where the world hurtles forward at breakneck speed, it is crucial to honor and respect our past. For it is from the roots of our history that the tree of the future blossoms. My art celebrates this profound truth, translating fragmented recollections into captured moments. By delving into the power of memory, I remind us all that there can be no future without embracing our past.